From the Office of the Superintendent

We understand the tremendous impact on our families and the need to receive the most updated information from the District. The latest news and announcements from Dr. Justin Miller will post here as well as the District Facebook and via Aeries Communication. Check back often as the situation continues to remain fluid and things could change after an announcement made by Governor Newsom, Merced County Office of Education, or Merced County Department of Public Health. We thank you for your understanding during this challenging time.



Good afternoon DPOL Parents,


The district is experiencing some issues with technology that were expected. Hopefully, this email provides some clarity regarding some of the technology issues we are facing in the first few days of school. We know there is frustration, but the district is working on solidifying some of our technology gaps. 


Internet Hotspots

The district is aware there are several students without Internet hotspots to access their virtual classroom. The district has approximately 150 hotspots on order. The demand for hotspots this school year has been greater than last school year. The demand for family routers has been greater as well. At the end of the school year last year, some families depended on their home WiFi to support distance learning. That is not the case this year. We based our hotspot needs on last year's numbers and these numbers have changed since then. Although in the short term a lack of Internet hotspots has a negative impact, this is good news in the long term because we know more students will access their virtual classroom and engage in distance learning. As a district, we will need some time to address this high priority issue.


District WiFi

The district understands there are network issues throughout the district that impacts our teachers’ ability to teach effectively in a virtual environment and we are working the kinks out. Our technology department is in the process of acquiring hotspots from a different provider in order to "load balance" the network, instead of only utilizing one company. Not to mention there are dead spots in our school community for Verizon and utilizing a different company will help. There are always issues that come up with every network and we have been without a Network Technician since July 31st. We do have a successful candidate on Thursday's board agenda for approval with significant network experience. The addition of a full-time Network Technician will be a significant benefit to our WiFi capabilities over the next few weeks. 


The district would like to thank parents and students during this transitional period. We are adapting while in motion and are securing the necessary resources so teachers and students can be successful in a virtual environment. 


Justin Miller, Ed. D.