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District Reports

2020-21 Every Student Succeeds Act
Comprehensive Supports and Improvement (CSI) 
Bryant Middle School 
Due to the 2018-19 California State Dashboard, Bryant Middle School is in a program called Comprehensive Supports and Improvement (CSI). The purpose of this program is to focus on improving academic performance in mathematics and English Language Arts. The plan below indicates how the district plans to support Bryant Middle School in these efforts using the CSI funds allocated to this campus. 
DPOL COVID Funding Reports 
Due to the pandemic, the federal and state government has released various resources of money that's goal is to support student learning, provide additional resources and mitigate the learning loss. Below are various plans that have been developed by the district with stakeholder input. If you have any questions regarding the plans below or any of the contents please feel free to contact our Director of Student Achievement and EL Services, Megan Grijalva. 

Director of Student Achievement and E.L. Services 
Mrs. Megan Grijalva