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Students » Common Q&A for Technology Devices

Common Q&A for Technology Devices

Common logistical questions and answers regarding tech devices.


  • How many Chromebooks can log onto the USB hotspot at once? Only 1. We said two initially because it's possible with a windows laptop, not Chromebook. Children will have to share for now. We have some Wi-Fi routers coming next week and we can swap those with the USB hotspots for the larger families (3 or more children).


  • Do the USB hotspots need the CD? No, we have put instructions on this website. To get there: DPOL website > Students > Mobile hotspots.


  • I have the wrong cord. Where can I go to swap? Please have parents come to the tech office, next to tennis courts, behind high school on Palo Alto Street. We will be open all week from 8-4PM.


  • What if I forgot to pick up my Chromebook device? Please tell them to come to the tech office after tomorrow.


  • What if my child forgot their password?  Teachers should have their passwords for Gmail but tech can assist as well.  Please give parents my office phone: 209-392-0225.