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Local Control Accountability Plan

LCAP Overview

The LCAP is a three-year plan that describes the goals, actions, services, and expenditures to support positive student outcomes that address state and local priorities. The LCAP provides an opportunity for local educational agencies (LEAs) to share their stories of how, what, and why programs and services are selected to meet their local needs. 

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LCAP State Priorities

The LCAP must focus on eight areas identified as state priorities.
Priority 1: Basic Services and Conditions at schools
Priority 2: Implementation of State Academic Standards
Priority 3: Parent Engagement
Priority 4: Student Achievement
Priority 5: Student Engagement
Priority 6: School Climate
Priority 7: Access to a Broad Course of Study
Priority 8: Outcomes in a Broad Course of Study

Local Goals

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The District has defined four local goals.
Goal 1: Improve student outcomes through competitively recruiting, developing, retaining, and equipping high-quality staff with the necessary tools and professional development that improves student achievement.
Goal 2: Ensure that all students have access to a rigorous, relevant, and quality curriculum that provides a broad range of courses that significantly raise student achievement through the implementation/alignment of the California State Standards.
Goal 3:
Modernize, update, and continue to improve all facilities, vehicles, and equipment to ensure a safe and effective learning environment.
Goal 4: Provide a safe and welcoming environment for all Stakeholders through engagement strategies that promote the personal, social-emotional health of students and encourage parent involvement.