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Special Education

The Dos Palos Oro Loma Department of Students Services for Special Education is dedicated to identifying, locating and assessing all students within the district from age 3-12 years of age who may have a disability.  We provide appropriate support and /or related services to those students who qualify for special education.

Parents who suspect that their child may be in need of additional services or interventions should make an appointment with their child’s teacher regarding their concerns.  The teacher would then consult with staff and begin implementing other interventions such as; small group instruction, modified assignments, and peer tutoring.  When interventions do not lead to success, the next level of support includes the Student Study Team (SST). This team includes teachers and other school experts, as well as parents, who will formulate a plan to support the student.  If the child continues to exhibit difficulties after implementing the interventions,the team may refer them for formal testing.  Our goal is to find the least restrictive and most beneficial environment for our students.

An Individualized Educational Planning Team will meet to review the assessment information.  They will determine eligibility, and develop appropriate educational goals and objectives. The Individualized Educational Plan(IEP) is reviewed at least yearly. 

For more information please feel free to contact the Student Services Office. To request a copy of a student’s IEP please contact Laura Delmas, Maria Guadian or Jessica Corachado.


Director of Student Services, Special Education

Laura Delmas 209-392-0232 

[email protected]


School Psychologist

Monica Hollis 209-509-6803

[email protected]


Cindy Ballesteros

[email protected]


Behavioral Health Clinician

Kindle Wallace  209-628-4427

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Request of Records

Special Education Office

Maria Guadian [email protected]

Jessica Corchado [email protected]


Phone:  209-392-0230