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Welcome Parents

Welcome Parents!Colorful words, Parents, students, survey, teachers


We are committed to making our parents feel connected to our schools and district.  It all starts with communication.  One way we strive to communicate effectively with all our parents is through our district website.  Explore our website to find information, helpful forms, school events, calendars, and valuable resources.


Parents play a crucial role in the success of their child’s education.  Studies show that a student’s level of performance is higher when their parents and families engage and share the responsibility to help their child learn and meet educational goals.
Parent engagement happens when you become informed of classroom goals, attend parent-teacher
meetings, and school or class events.  Parent engagement also decreases chronic absenteeism.  Attendance matters.  Research shows that missing 10% (18 days) of school can negatively affect a student’s performance.
Blue Attendance Matters, every school day counts