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Digital Citizenship

Grade Lesson Plan - Handout(s) Video
TK/K Going Places Safely My Online Neighborhood
1 Follow The Digital Trail Follow the Digital Trail
2 Show Respect Online Mindful Messaging
3 Private and Personal Info  
4 You've Won a Prize  
5 What's Cyberbullying?  
6 Digital Life 101 Digital Life 101 Animation
7 Safe Online Talk Perspectives on Chatting Safely Online
8 Trillion Dollar Footprint Digital Footprint
9 Copyrights and Wrongs Copyright and Fair Use Animation
10 OverExposed Relationships Ally's Story - Second Thoughts on Sexting
11 College Bound Abbas' Story - Pride in Your Digital Footprint
12 Private Today Public Tomorrow Lesson in Action - Private Today, Public Tomorrow
password: dospalos2019
Please use the username/password to access the teaching materials along with videos. 
The lesson plans are available to download in PDF (Eng, Span). Once completed, please download the attached form, fill out, sign and turn into your principal.  Thank you.